COVID Update September 2020

Dear Opinicon community, thank you so much for your visits, your smiles, your compliments, and your understanding as we all navigate these days together. It has been uplifting and gratifying to serve you all. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!

With shorter days and cooler nights come more decisions to be made. Given the unpredictability of 2020 we have decided that the most sensible approach for The Opinicon will be to close for the season as of Monday October 12th, with an expected reopening on the 2021 May long weekend.

But Fiona, you might say, doesn’t that mean you were only open for a month this season? Yup. Isn’t that kinda… terrible economics? Yup, but the considerations must be beyond the dollar. Also, we won’t be hibernating all winter! We’ve got plans to make the Ice Cream Shop more physical-distancing compatible, more landscaping plans to reduce the intermixing of crowds, and there’s always the ongoing maintenance required for ancient buildings made of wood in the Canadian climate.
The great news is that our County remains relatively safe, with low case counts for several weeks in a row. We’re still taking all the precautions (those mandated, and many more beyond the base requirements) to ensure that our remaining weekends will be safe, comfortable, and delicious. Please consider making a reservation for one of our remaining weekends so that we can properly thank you for sharing your special moments with us.